Jason Atkins - CEO, 360insights

I’m very pleased to endorse Don Mitchell in his efforts to continue his excellent work as mayor for the Town of Whitby.

As the founder and CEO of a local software company that has grown from a few people ten years ago to over 500 people globally today (and still headquartered in downtown Whitby) my team and I have felt first-hand the positive impact that Don Mitchell's work has had on our town. In fact, Don is among a small handful of people who have helped make it possible for us to create over 300 jobs (and growing!) and keep them right here in downtown Whitby.  

Through working on the challenges inherent in renovating a beautiful old school in Whitby's heritage district to helping launch a technology ecosystem here, Don has been there every step of the way. We would be excited to see Don continue his work on building Whitby into a fantastic town where we can all live, work, and play.

David Lahey - Founder & President, Predictive Success

Don Mitchell is that rare municipal leader who is a vision for his community.  Don has been instrumental on the creation of the very first tech hub in Durham region. This has created already over 400 new high paying jobs. Don is proactive , imaginative and focused on a detailed plan for growth. A wonderful leader as the Mayor of the Town of Whitby.

Tracy Hanson - President & CEO, Canadian Society of Association Executives

As former Councillor for the North Ward, and previous CEO of the Whitby Chamber of Commerce, I have had the pleasure of working with Mayor Mitchell on several initiatives to make Whitby a better place to live, work, and play. During my tenure at the Whitby Chamber, Don and I regularly discussed the future of Whitby’s business community.  With the Mayor at the table, we opened dialogue with businesses and professionals; reached out to businesses who had experienced administrative burden; and worked together on a strategy, championed by the Chamber, to create an Open for Business plan to reduce red tape. Mayor Mitchell was always receptive to understanding the issues and eager to help develop and implement solutions for a stronger, more prosperous Whitby.

William Sidsworth - Executive Director, Whitby Iroquois Soccer Club

As the Executive Director of the Whitby Iroquois Soccer Club it has been my pleasure to work with Mayor Don Mitchell over the past 10 + years.  Both as the Mayor and previously as a Councillor, Don has been an avid supporter of our Club throughout his years in office.

We are fortunate to have a leader in our community that is willing to work with us in order to make our Club one of the premier Clubs in Ontario. Without his commitment and dedication to advocate for us we would not be in the position we are with 2 Indoor Facilities and an outdoor complex, we truly appreciate all that Don has done for us.

I’d like to wish Mayor Mitchell much success in the forthcoming election.

Alan Guerin - President & CEO, iFly Whitby

When we first met the staff at Economic Development in Whitby they were welcoming and enthusiastic. From the very beginning they believed in the project. We had a lot of support from the Planning Department and great support from the Permitting department. As in any construction project of this magnitude, there are always unforseen challenges and we know for a fact that Economic Development was in constant communication with the Mayors office in order to help overcome these otherwise insurmountable challenges.

I know that you were 100% supportive from the get-go and that on many occasions you were personally involved in thinking about constructive ways to resolve difficult issues. We are very happy to be in Whitby. The arrival of other unique destinations - like Reptilia and Playdium - will certainly make the Entertainment Centrum even busier, which is good for all businesses.

Mr Mayor, we have three locations - two in Ontario and one in Quebec - and I was thrilled that you were the first (and only) mayor to participate in our activity. Your participation was greatly appreciated.

James Hobbs - Town Brewery/The Tap & Tankard

When it comes to a Mayoral Candidate, I don't think there is any other leader I could see steering Whitby in the right direction.  Don Mitchell has put a huge focus on downtown Whitby since he became mayor - not just through his words, but the many projects and developments happening in our historic downtown.  He was instrumental in identifying the need for a Downtown Whitby BIA, which since being approved by council has started to revive our downtown. Opening Town Brewery in the fall of 2017, Mayor Mitchell was a huge help in realizing our dream of a brewery in the Whitby Harbour. He was there for us through every step of the process.  I fully endorse Mayor Don Mitchell for another 4 years - years that will be a very exciting time for our Town.

Joe Drumm - Regional Councillor, Town of Whitby

Don Mitchell has served four years as mayor and what a four years it has been! Very quietly, he has brought real change to how Council tackles problems. Problems like change in both our downtowns, new bike paths in our community, more and more open space, heading economic development and safety in our town.  He has brought into the office of mayor a quiet respect. Don, in my opinion, is truly deserving of four more years.

Bruce MacDonald - Chair, Town of Whitby Active Transportation and Safe Roads Advisory Committee

I write in support for Don Mitchell for Whitby Mayor.  I have worked with Don since I was first appointmented as Chairperson for the Town's Active Transportation and Safe Roads Advisory Committee. (ATSRAC).  As Mayor, Don could have chosen to be on any advisory committee, but it is worth noting that he chose Active Transportation (walking, cycling, etc.) and Safe Roads.  This shows to me his true commitment to improving our town in these areas.  Don Mitchell and this term of Town Council, were also awarded the first level of a Bike Friendly Municipality Award.

I have seen Don working to approve safety around schools, on our streets and supporting alternative transportation methods, for both healthier, environmentally improved citizens.  Since working with Don as a member of the ATSRAC, he has repeatedly displayed his knowledge and commitment to improving these topics for Whitby.  I have witnessed his commitment both at Committee meetings, but also at Council and at many public events (ride to work day, Open Streets and many other events).  

For these reasons, I am supporting Don Mitchell for Mayor of The Town of Whitby, and I ask all of the voters to do likewise.

Rebecca Calder - Owner, Calder House

As a business owner and resident of the Village of Brooklin, I have a vested and significant interest in our community and the politics that go into creating a thriving municipality.  Over the years, I have put a lot of faith in Don Mitchell as he represented us as town councillor, regional councillor, and now mayor.  He has never let me down. He has always been incredibly approachable and truly has our town’s best interest at heart. It certainly appears, whether attending council meetings or having discussions on the street, that he is never short sighted in his goals, but looks to his job with the importance of building and strengthening a community for future generations.  

A couple of years ago, I became incredibly frustrated that there was no shade in many of our newer parks, making them inaccessible to youngsters, the elderly, and just about everyone else as the heat could be unbearable. With Don’s help, we were able to initiate a pilot project that put sunshades in three local parks.  The children at my school are incredibly grateful for this respite, as are many of my neighbours. I love that when I pass these parks, I often see the shaded areas being utilized.  Park life is an important part in encouraging the health of children, and Don saw this.   

Over the years, we have talked about the importance of making our town more walkable, the need for more bike paths, and really looking at making our village a healthier environment for all. I cannot express enough my love for the direction that our town is heading under the guidance of Mayor Don Mitchell.

Dennis Barry - Thickson's Woods Land Trust

Don doesn't say a lot and doesn't make idle promises.  He just gets to work behind the scenes to find solutions.  Members of Whitby Council seem to respect Don and appreciate his quiet leadership style and the tone he sets.  This results in council proceedings that are businesslike, efficient and cordial.  Don has worked hard to improve and expand cycling and walking trails in Whitby.  He recognizes the value of providing opportunities for folks to spend time in nature.

Sue Green (née Cullen) - Chair, Whitby in Bloom

Four years ago I endorsed Don Mitchell for Mayor, and I have not been disappointed.  He has brought together a cohesive Council that focuses on concrete, attainable, realistic goals for the Town of Whitby.  Don believes in team work and at the onset worked with Council members to set forth a vision and goals for the future.  He stays the course, and does not waiver.  I admire this.

The Town of Whitby is at his heart.  Don is passionate about all things that matter to the residents of Whitby.  He works hard for us.  He has attended almost every Whitby event, new business opening and attended and guided almost all Council meetings these last four years.  Don has a lifetime of history here in the Town and his integrity has given him a great deal of  respect on Regional Council.  

I will be voting for Don Mitchell for Mayor on Oct. 22nd and I urge you to do the same.

Margaret Carney - Nature Writer, Whitby This Week

Having Don Mitchell as Mayor of Whitby is one thing going RIGHT with the world. Smart, practical and

decisive, he takes cogent steps to make a lot of good things happen in this town he loves.  I deeply

appreciate how he cares about keeping Whitby a green and healthy place for all of us to live - people,

birds, bees and butterflies alike.

Aldith Carasquero - Chair, Town of Whitby Ethno-Cultural & Diversity Committee

As Chair of the Ethno-Cultural and Diversity Committee, I am sending this letter in support of you and your campaign for Mayor.  Your honest and practical approach sets you apart.  You have shown great concern and willingness to listen to residents’ concerns in the Town of Whitby.

Having had the opportunity to volunteer on the Ethno-Cultural and Diversity Committee gave me a greater appreciation of your innovative qualities and approach to critical community issues.  Your collaborative engagement at community events reflects both, your leadership acumen and commitment to the greater good for the community.  Thank you!

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